Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lollipop Holder Place Settings

In our house, Valentine's has become a family does that work?  No, I love it.  It makes my boys feel special too...and I get more cards...te he!

I made these Lollipop Holder Place Settings for the boys.  I punched out a 2" CM heart, used my PK faces and that was it. 

I made my holder by scoring lines...that's it.  I also used a  hole punch for the ribbon.  No fancy dies for this project!
The boys loved them...because they had lollipops, but also because it was a surprise when they got home from school.


  1. Hi Blaire:) These are super cute and love the PK cute faces. I'm sure your boys loved them!! This is the first Valentine's Day that my 7 year old son really got into Valentine's! I loved it. Thank you for sharing the goodies with us!!

  2. Thank you for the SWEET remarks Norma :)