Friday, March 23, 2012

Lighthouse Birthday Card

I absolutely love Lighthouses.  You could say I am a Lighthouse nut. 
I lived on Cape Cod for 7 years, I would try to drive by our Lighthouse at least once a week.  Oh, how I miss the Cape.
I originally saw this image in my Copic Coloring Guide
I fell in love instantly.
When I went to Tiddly Inks to buy this image, she had an example with the knot.
I really enjoy making these easel cards.  I have made a stack of them in different color cardstock so I can always have them on hand.  

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Vintage Night Light

I see things all the time and think...I can do that.  This year for the holidays I made these gifts for our brothers and sisters for Christmas. 
 I purchased the self adhesive night lites from FenchelShades.  They are pricey to ship, but if you buy enough, it is worth it.  You can also buy larger versions of these at Hobby Lobby and you get a great price with the 40% coupon, but I needed a lot and they did not have enough.
The fabric and eyelash ribbon was purchased at Hobby Lobby.
This is what it looks like on...pretty!!!!
So my brothers received a late...or super early Christmas present (just gave it to them 2 weeks ago).
Dave's family has not received them yet...hopefully by summer :)
I also have been hitting the clearance section at HL.  I have found a ton of fabric that I can get 2 shades out of for each pattern for $.90.
I will be posting those soon.

St. Patty's Day Wreath

I love, love, love St. Patrick's Day.
This little piece I made for $2. 
I bought the wreath at $ Tree for $1.
I bought the ribbon at Michaels for $1.
"...don't you just love a bargain"... wait, that's Christmas Tree Shops jingle :)
Failta (pronounced fall-sha) is Gaelic for Welcome.
Growing up with 3 older brothers and now having 3 sons of my own..."girly" is not a word I get to use very often.  I was going to cut a Leprechaun, but decided on this instead.
I used PDDU and cut the doll at 5".
Her dress and hair are from the pixy on pg. 41.
Everything else for her was cut from the leprechaun on pg. 40.
I stickled the gold, wand and shoe buckles with Star Dust Stickles.  I used Glossy Accents for the buttons on the coat.
The belt is cut at 1/4" from the clover border in the back of PDDU.
The clovers are cut at 1"
I typically would use my stamps for the face, but I decided to try this on my own and was so pleased with the way she came out.
Her hair is a burnt orange color...I have so much left over from when we were playing on the Longhorns.  I also cut it in orange and thought it was too overpowering...
I wrapped wire around a pencil to get the corkskrew look.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Express Bling Hat

Yes, another Bling Hat...told you I was falling in love with these.
Baseball season is upon us here in Texas and with this crazy weather, it is already time for hats.
I wanted to make another Bling Hat, so I ventured to Sam Moon and picked up this one for $7.  I searched the entire Internet for an Express iron on logo.  Since they are a minor league is very hard to come by.  So...I recycled.
I took Riley's baseball hat from 2 years ago, cut out the logo and the number 9, Liquid Stitched them to the hat and it turned out great!
I already had all the rhinestones and nail heads so technically...this hat only cost me $7 and I am saving the environment at the same time :)