Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Angry Birds Birthday Card (using the Cricut)

Get ready for a really long post!!!!
 Oh boy did I ever have a fun time making this card.  I searched all over the net for something cute and did I ever find it!  This card originated from 2 Stampin' Up posts that I found.  Unfortunately, I do not own Stampin' Up stuff, so I used their ideas and created an Excel spreadsheet so I would always have what I needed using George and Basic Shapes and Plantin Schoolbook. 
The first thing I found was how to make the pigs.  That came from Valita's Fresh Folds.  She is an amazingly talented woman with lots of great ideas that she shares.
 The next thing I found was the card from Stampin with Niki.  Another amazingly talented woman.
 I cut the banner out of Christmas Cheer at 1" and wrote Happy Birthday.  The grass I just cut with scissors, later realizing that I could have cut a border off of George.  Oh well, still came out cute.  I did pop up a blue bird, the yellow bird, the red bird and the helmet pig.
I love the way this card turned out, just look at the smile on his face!

Tomorrow I will post the recipe for all shapes and sizes :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ninjago Cake

I don't know about your Lego fanatics, but since the Ninjago series has been on TV, it is all Ninjago in my house.  Wesley requested a Ninjago, Angry Birds, Super Mario Brothers birthday.  I was going to make a cake with all 3, but since it was just family...this is what I did.
 I found this adorable idea on Pintrest.  Didn't come out as cute, but wow, Wes sure loved it.
I used white chocolate chips for the eys.
I caught him trying to dig in before I got the candles on!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Post It Note Holder Frame

I got this amazingly adorable idea from Craft Junkie Too.
Wesley has 5 teachers at his preschool (2 head teachers, 1 Spanish teacher, 1 Music teacher, 1 Director) and it was Teacher Appreciation Week.  I never know what to do for all 5, it can get kind of expensive.  When I saw this, I knew this was it.
This is the finished project. 
I bought the acrylic frames from Christmas Tree Shops for $1.
This beautiful paper pack was also at CTS for $3.
Post Its were on sale at Staples for 10 for $5.
I do not have any carts that have crosses, so I used TBBM and my DS and welded the cross.  The swirl is from Stretch Your Imagination.  I used diamond bling for the cross and swirl. I also chalked all edges brown.  I wrote a note on the back of the cardstock for each teacher and Wes' name and year.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Another Night Lite

I  made this adorable little night lite for a Young Lady that turned 9.  These are the colors of her bedroom and she loved her lite.
I had fun making this because I never get to do anything pink.