Monday, December 24, 2012

Angry Birds Card Recipe (for Cricut)

First, I am so sorry I did not post this back in...April...May! I have many excuses...but won't go into that.
I need to correct what I said on the original post. You cannot cut a grass border on George, but you can cut it from Paper Doll Dress Up.

So here is (part of) the recipe for the Angry Bird card using George and Basic Shapes and Plantin Schoolbook.

I chalked every piece in BLACK ink

This is not a card that will fit in an envelope, so do not plan on mailing it.
White cardstock - 11" x 8 1/2"
Score at 5 1/2"
Green cardstock - 5" x 8", emboss with Happy Birthday Cuttlebug
White cardstock - 4 1/2" x 7 1/2"
Grass - 1" x 7 1/2"
****Even though I have been blogging for a few years, there are things I still cannot figure out****
So, I have all the stuff to make this really easy on an Excel spreadsheet, when trying to attach it to this blog I lose half of it.  Please email me and I can email you the spreadsheet.  I am really sorry for the inconvenience.


Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Teacher Gift

I am the room mom for Bradley's 2nd Grade class. So, that means I had to do the Class Gift.   I made this GC basket for his teacher.
It came out so much cuter than I thought it would.
The Snowman Hat basket I purchased at Michaels before Thanksgiving and it was  1/2 off.  I also purchased 2 smaller ones for Wesley's teachers, but I forgot to take pictures of the finished project. 
The snowflakes were cut from Cricut Cart Pooh and Friends, the eyes were cut from Friskars Large Petal Punch.
I cut 2 snowflakes for each gift card.  I used my tape runner to adhere the bottom half of the snowflakes and slid the gift card in the top.  I forgot to take a picture of the back, the snowflakes are taped to BBQ skewers (bought 100 at $ store for $1).  I usually use Styrofoam in my baskets, I used green flower foam on this project...oh my goodness, it is so much easier to work with.  It is cheaper and it cuts so much easier.  I wrapped it all in tissue paper so it looked like snow and then stuck her favorite candies in amongst the skewers.
She loved it!

...More Elf Antics

Day 9
Jack loving on Baby Jesus!
Day 10
We are big Patriots fans.  Jingle is holding onto a picture of Wes Welker signing a helmet.  Jack is Planking on the helmet.  They brought the Pats luck, that night Patriots beat the Texans!

Day 11

Snow angels on the counter with flour.  Jingle was on the chandelier with lots of "snow" trailing him.  Our puppy dog licked all of it up that was on the floor...yuck!

4 More Days of Elf Antics

These are not that fun, but I have lots more coming....
The boys woke up to the replacement of our stocking with our underwear...
Hiding with the Christmas Stuffies...
 Sliding down the banister

Boys are asking for an XBox
Jingle and Jack were checking out Toys R Us.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Elf on the Shelf

Last year, Bradley wrote Santa a letter to receive a Magic Elf.  I found this wonderful site with great free printables to do your own elf.  It was really great and I will post those pics later.
This is our elf Jingle.  He did not create a lot of mischief last year, but when he arrived this year on December 1st, he was on our entry chandelier with a note attached to him.  "I'm back and I have brought a surprise!"
Below him was a present covered with peppermints.
And a letter from Santa explaining that Jingle was a wonderful elf and he was chosen to train a new elf...but beware because the new elf was more mischievous.  The boys named him Jack Frost.
Day 2 - reading "Llama Llama Holiday Drama"
Day 3 - Jack trapped Jingle in a jar full of apples on top of the kitchen cupboards.
Day 4 - Jack gagged Jingle so he could take a bath in marshmallows and peppermints.  I am having a  talk with Jack today about the need to be nice while having fun.

Epsom Salt Snow

I usually have this hurricane on my kitchen island filled with coffee beans and a candle.  I saw this wonderful idea here to use Epsom Salt for snow.
I am utterly amazed how much it does look like snow.
Now, I am putting this out there...I have never heard of Epsom I go to the baking aisle! 
Little tip, I found it over with the rubbing alcohol!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Green Monster Weathered Sign

This summer, we took the most amazing trip to Massachusetts. 
 Our last day there, we took a tour of Fenway Park...amazing.
I have always wanted to paint a "Green Monstah" sign on Riley's wall, but because we move so much I needed to make it portable.  This is what I came up with.
Since this year is the 100th Anniversary of Fenway Park, I wanted the sign to look weathered, just like I cut it out of an old fence.
This is the wall before you go out to the "Green Monstah". 
The pic on the top, my boys sitting in the "Green Monstah" seats (I based my color green on this picture).  The pic on the bottom, the Fam in awe that we are standing on the "Green Monstah".
Okay, lets get started.  Over the summer, I went to a Nursery and asked for a couple of their pallets.  They were happy to get rid of them and even loaded them in  my car.  I took a hammer and removed all the boards from the base.  I then sanded the side to be painted.  I took 3 more boards and cut them down to screw to the backside.  When I say cut, I used a hand proud of myself.
You cannot buy the color Fenway Park Green, if you do want to buy it, it is $975,000,000 to buy the ballpark and then you will get the patent.
I used Behr PREMIUM PLUS Interior Flat Enamel (Home Depot, small can).
 The gentleman matched my pic for the color.
This is what I used for the white lettering...did not need 2 bottles.  I applied the paint with sponge wedges, worked perfect.  I bought these at Michaels because I was already there.  I would have got them much cheaper at Walmart in the makeup department :)
I printed out the letters on my computer, taped them together and then took a pencil and deep traced them onto the board.   I removed the letters and used the sponge wedges to paint.  I did use 2 coats.  After all was dry, I took a small paint brush and the green paint and did touch ups.  I purchased a sanding block from Hobby Lobby and roughed it up a little.
For hanging, I used screws and 20 gauge wire that we had in the tool chest.
Riley loved this for his 12th birthday and it was joy to make for him.
This is the next sign I am going to attempt to make for him :)

Friday, October 5, 2012

DIY Canvas Photos

I have seen all over Pinterest these DIY Canvas Photos.  I have always thought they looked beautiful and wanted to try it.  So I finally did!  We have a curved stairwell and haven't put anything on it.  I wanted to do the boys pictures and I knew I wanted them huge.  While looking for pictures I ran across our last years Christmas photos...that was it.
I had purchased this dual pack of canvas at 18x24.  When I looked on all the sites for poster prints, they do 20x30, I knew I was going to have to cut some picture off.  On a couple of sites, they were going to charge me $24 a print and I had 3.  So I did it on and was able to choose Sepia and my posters were ready next day to pick up for $9 each.
After I picked up my posters, I went back on to Pinterest...not realizing I should have printed them on paper.  Next time I might go to Staples and have them print it on paper...don't know if it would be cheaper.  This was time consuming, but well worth it because I did it!!!!!!
Canvas Value Pack - $11 for 2 at Joann's
Modge Podge
Foam Brushes
Paint Brush
Americana Acrylic Paint - Khaki Tan
Versa Magic Chalk - Jumbo Java
This is how I painted the canvas.  I did not want to use black, so I took my prints to Hobby Lobby and matched the paint.  Yes those are plastic bowls under there.  Worked Awesome!
After the paint was dry, I painted the whole canvas with Modge Podge and put my picture on.  After that dried, I used my exactoknife to cut off all those extra inches.  I used a Sanding Sponge to make my edges flush, when I did that, my borders turned white...aaaaggggghhhh!  So I ran up to the craft room and found some brown chalk.  I chalked all 4 sides.  Now I am wishing for black sides!
From lots of tutorials, they would just paint on the Modge Podge.  I did not want that look because my pictures were low resolution so I decided to try a sponging technique with a household sponge.  There were too many another trip to Hobby Lobby and a 40% off coupon I bought a Goat Hair Mop Round brush...worked amazing, yes there were still tiny bubbles, but I could go over them and they would pop.  I ended up painting two coats of Modge Podge to give it a really great texture.
I am trying to show you the texture...looks like canvas...ha worked!
Now, I am a crafter, I am so impatient.  I did not wait for the first coat to dry, so the black shirts look like they have white on them :(  If you are going to paint 2 coats...wait for the first to dry.
This is what I look at from my kitchen sink.  I absolutely love it.
This is just a great start to hang more :)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall Front Entry

Happy Fall Y'all!
I love looking at front porches for the fall.  I have always wanted to do something, but thought my stoop was too small.  I tell you, my next house is going to have the biggest farmers porch.
This is it...pretty simple, but I love it.
This is my favorite part.
  All foliage is fake...Dollar Tree, spent $6 total and broke bunches apart. Wagon, scarecrow and wreath came from Christmas Tree Shops. I have been looking for a wagon that did not cost a fortune...$16..."don't you just love a bargain?" If you are from New England, you know that jingle!
 Pumpkins, gourds and mums came from Kroger. 
Never knew rabbits are so fond of mums.  The backside of this mum is stripped...rabbits!
The urns I bought last season from Big Lots for $20.  I filled them with dirt and the pumpkin is sitting on that, then fake leaves and flowers are stuck in the dirt.
The beauty of this is everything but the mums, gourds and pumpkins can be saved until next year...te he!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sports Mom Car Vinyl

Wow, has it been awhile.  We had an amazing summer and school is in full swing.  Now I can get back to crafting.
We have 3 boys in 3 different sports.  For football, I ordered the car decal and put the wrong number number on it.  Baseball didn't order one and you just don't get to order anything for golf.
At first I made their decals from Sports Mania.  I had numbers and names...they looked awesome.  I went to open it this morning on Design Studio and it said that the file was empty...WHAT?????
I saw this similar one on a car yesterday that had lots of bling...oh I love bling, but I didn't think the husband would like it as much :)
First, I created this image on DS.  You can see that I cut it out a couple of times.  I was going to do different color vinyl, but since I am impatient and did not want to venture to HL, I used all white.
M - Plantin Schoolbook 3"
Baseball - Sports Mania 2 1/2"
Football - Sports Mania 2 3/4"
Golf Ball - Sports Mania 1 1/2"
I welded the M and the baseball together.  I also welded the golf ball and other M together.
This is what it looked like when I took the outside vinyl away.
For my Cricut I set everything at:
Speed - 2
Pressure - 2
Blade - 6
This works amazing for me.
 Next came the tricky part.  I had to place everything on transfer paper...aaaahhhhhhwwwww!!!!
It was not that hard, it was time consuming and all the little cut outs from the balls are still stuck to my nails.
This is the final product on my truck.  I am thrilled because I made this. 
When I pick up the boys today, I know the first thing will be..."Where is my name and number and team name?"....boys!!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Chore Bucket

I have been taking a break from the blogging world...not by choice :)
School got out and I have been trying to keep 3 very active boys entertained.
We also just got back from the most amazing trip to MA and Cape Cod...I could so move back there!

I am forever asking...yelling at my boys to pick their things up.  Naturally, I get very frustrated when they don't and my back is starting to hurt from picking them up anyway.
I saw this amazing idea on Pintrest.  I changed it up a little and put my chores on plastic popsicle sticks that I purchased at Michaels.  I didn't want them to be able to see what chore they get to do!  I was involving the boys so they understood that I am serious.  I asked what chores they thought were appropriate.  I received answers like, "Be nice to my brother", "Share my toys", "Take Avery for a walk".  These are all things they should be doing anyway.  So a few chores I chose are things they do not want to do so they will remember to put their things away.  - Pick up Dog Poop - Wipe down Bathroom Sinks - Wipe down Toilets ... I am really hoping these work!

Monday, May 28, 2012

5th Grade Graduation Tissue

Our school has a ceremony for their graduating 5th Graders out by our flagpole so the entire school can say goodbye.  Last year was our first year at this school, even though I did not know anyone graduating, I cried like a baby.  Maybe it was the thought of Riley being there next year or all the kids crying.
I decided to make these tissue packets for each family attending the ceremony this year.
8 pack tissue - $1 each at Dollar Tree
Raffia - had on hand
Avery Labels
Yellow and Blue Cardstock cut to 1 1/2" x 3"
Hole Punch

I ended up making 120 of these and surprisingly, it only took me 2 hours.  I thought it would take days.

The saying says "As your 5th Grader graduates today, use these to wipe your tears away!"

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Angry Birds Birthday Card (using the Cricut)

Get ready for a really long post!!!!
 Oh boy did I ever have a fun time making this card.  I searched all over the net for something cute and did I ever find it!  This card originated from 2 Stampin' Up posts that I found.  Unfortunately, I do not own Stampin' Up stuff, so I used their ideas and created an Excel spreadsheet so I would always have what I needed using George and Basic Shapes and Plantin Schoolbook. 
The first thing I found was how to make the pigs.  That came from Valita's Fresh Folds.  She is an amazingly talented woman with lots of great ideas that she shares.
 The next thing I found was the card from Stampin with Niki.  Another amazingly talented woman.
 I cut the banner out of Christmas Cheer at 1" and wrote Happy Birthday.  The grass I just cut with scissors, later realizing that I could have cut a border off of George.  Oh well, still came out cute.  I did pop up a blue bird, the yellow bird, the red bird and the helmet pig.
I love the way this card turned out, just look at the smile on his face!

Tomorrow I will post the recipe for all shapes and sizes :)