Thursday, October 25, 2012

Green Monster Weathered Sign

This summer, we took the most amazing trip to Massachusetts. 
 Our last day there, we took a tour of Fenway Park...amazing.
I have always wanted to paint a "Green Monstah" sign on Riley's wall, but because we move so much I needed to make it portable.  This is what I came up with.
Since this year is the 100th Anniversary of Fenway Park, I wanted the sign to look weathered, just like I cut it out of an old fence.
This is the wall before you go out to the "Green Monstah". 
The pic on the top, my boys sitting in the "Green Monstah" seats (I based my color green on this picture).  The pic on the bottom, the Fam in awe that we are standing on the "Green Monstah".
Okay, lets get started.  Over the summer, I went to a Nursery and asked for a couple of their pallets.  They were happy to get rid of them and even loaded them in  my car.  I took a hammer and removed all the boards from the base.  I then sanded the side to be painted.  I took 3 more boards and cut them down to screw to the backside.  When I say cut, I used a hand proud of myself.
You cannot buy the color Fenway Park Green, if you do want to buy it, it is $975,000,000 to buy the ballpark and then you will get the patent.
I used Behr PREMIUM PLUS Interior Flat Enamel (Home Depot, small can).
 The gentleman matched my pic for the color.
This is what I used for the white lettering...did not need 2 bottles.  I applied the paint with sponge wedges, worked perfect.  I bought these at Michaels because I was already there.  I would have got them much cheaper at Walmart in the makeup department :)
I printed out the letters on my computer, taped them together and then took a pencil and deep traced them onto the board.   I removed the letters and used the sponge wedges to paint.  I did use 2 coats.  After all was dry, I took a small paint brush and the green paint and did touch ups.  I purchased a sanding block from Hobby Lobby and roughed it up a little.
For hanging, I used screws and 20 gauge wire that we had in the tool chest.
Riley loved this for his 12th birthday and it was joy to make for him.
This is the next sign I am going to attempt to make for him :)

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