Monday, May 28, 2012

5th Grade Graduation Tissue

Our school has a ceremony for their graduating 5th Graders out by our flagpole so the entire school can say goodbye.  Last year was our first year at this school, even though I did not know anyone graduating, I cried like a baby.  Maybe it was the thought of Riley being there next year or all the kids crying.
I decided to make these tissue packets for each family attending the ceremony this year.
8 pack tissue - $1 each at Dollar Tree
Raffia - had on hand
Avery Labels
Yellow and Blue Cardstock cut to 1 1/2" x 3"
Hole Punch

I ended up making 120 of these and surprisingly, it only took me 2 hours.  I thought it would take days.

The saying says "As your 5th Grader graduates today, use these to wipe your tears away!"

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  1. I had heard what a great banner you had made for the 5th graders...didn't know you made these too!! You are so AWESOME!! Wonderful idea!!! You'll be a List Maker tomorrow when the party goes up! Feel free to grab a button!