Thursday, March 15, 2012

Vintage Night Light

I see things all the time and think...I can do that.  This year for the holidays I made these gifts for our brothers and sisters for Christmas. 
 I purchased the self adhesive night lites from FenchelShades.  They are pricey to ship, but if you buy enough, it is worth it.  You can also buy larger versions of these at Hobby Lobby and you get a great price with the 40% coupon, but I needed a lot and they did not have enough.
The fabric and eyelash ribbon was purchased at Hobby Lobby.
This is what it looks like on...pretty!!!!
So my brothers received a late...or super early Christmas present (just gave it to them 2 weeks ago).
Dave's family has not received them yet...hopefully by summer :)
I also have been hitting the clearance section at HL.  I have found a ton of fabric that I can get 2 shades out of for each pattern for $.90.
I will be posting those soon.

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