Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Soccer Birthday Pull Card

My nephew is a really good soccer player,even though I have never seen him play...I have heard :) He turned 14 and is playing for a select soccer team...I am so proud of him. I decided to make this card for his birthday. It is a pull card and I got this idea when I went to the Scrapbook Convention in Arlington, Texas. Art Gone Wild had a booth at at the show and they were demonstrating this technique. I fell in love instantly and bought the template...sucker!!! The boy is cut out of EDPD at 3 1/2", face is Peachy Keen Stamps. The large soccer ball pull is cut out of Sports Mania at 2 ".

You pull the soccer ball which reveals another Sports Mania soccer ball cut at 1 1/2"...I know, I know...2 soccer balls. I origianally put everything together and was just going to use a square scrap of paper as the pull and then thought the soccer ball pull was cuter.

Pull yet again, and I cut the goal..he is a goalie :) out of EDPD at 1 1/2" along with the flag and cone, also 1 1/2". I did cut the flag and cone twice so I could make a white pole.

This is where I put the sentiment that I computer genterated...all about computer generating. Then on the back side (I did not make this a folded card, I made it a flip over card) I made a Gift Card holder pouch to slide money into.
Okay, so when I had this card in my hands and looking at how cute it turned out, I did not notice that you see the naked backside of the Paper Doll. I only noticed it in the pictures. I don't know if on my future ones I will try to make clothing or leave them naked!

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