Monday, February 7, 2011

Copic Markers Carrier

I have an issue, I am addicted to Crystal Light. Not all Crystal Light...just the Strawberry, Orange, Banana flavor. I have now gone to 4 different grocery store chains and they are no longer carrying my flavor. I am very disappointed. Anywho, I was originally going to keep the containers to make luminaries with the battery operated candles and mod podge and Cricut cuts. But I came up with this instead.
I needed something to carry my pens to the Copic Class I was attending and they worked great. In the pictures, I have the containers for each class. But now, at home, I have them arranged by color group: E, R and RV, Y and YG and YR...etc. I love that they lay on the side, even though you do not have to keep Copics on their side. I am going to Vinyl the color codes on the lid, but I have not had a chance yet...only have white vinyl and want to do it in black.

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