Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Car's Birthday Card

I think it is about time I finally posted something. I am so far behind that one of these days I am going to have about 10 posts just to catch up.

Wesley turned 3 in March and it is now May...yep, a little behind. Wesley is a Cars maniac. So much that he has a certain McQueen he carries around everywhere with him. He tubs with it, eats with it, watches TV with it...even sleeps with it. So I thought it would be appropriate to make him a McQueen card.

I cut McQueen at 7" using the Disney Cars cartridge. The bigger the better, lots of little layers. I ended up cutting one day and putting together another day. I also cut the Paper doll at 4" from EDPD. The car that the boy is holding, the image on the shirt and the images on the shoes were all photos I downloaded from the internet.

See I told you he holds that car everywhere! I also make the boys giant signs so when they wake up in the morning they see it. All done on the computer. The picture of him in front of the sign did not turn out so well.

He loved the card and it is sitting on his dresser until I can get it into his Birthday Scrapbook. Seeing how I am 3 years behind on his book, it will be there for awhile :)

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