Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Broncos Cookie Cake

Our middle, Bradley, loves the Broncos.  It is hard to swallow seeing how we are such HUGE Patriots fans, but when Wes Welker joined them this year, we accepted Brad's obsession with Peyton and the Broncos.  We actually root for them  now...unless they are playing the Pats!
For Bradley's 9th birthday, all he wanted was a cookie cake.  I have never made a cookie cake.  I found a wonderful recipe on Pinterest.  Oh my goodness, it tastes just like the cookie dough from cookie dough ice cream, highly recommend this.  The only thing that I did different was the baking.  I put parchment paper on a baking stone and baked for 14 minutes.
It turned out gorgeous, I just wanted a huge glass of milk at this point.

 I decided that I would do the Bronco.  On my Silhouette Cameo, I traced and cut this image out.

I love using gel from HL for coloring.  I used royal blue and a couple of drops of black to get this color of frosting.  I spread the frosting and then lifted the black cardstock.
 I am not a huge fan of buttercream frosting, so I always buy the frosting in a can.
It came out so perfect I wanted to cry.

Next I laid down this cut to do the color frosting.  I piped it in with a Ziploc bag.  Used toothpicks to pick it up very carefully.
Again, was so pleased with myself.
This is the final product.  I went piping happy.  I also freaked out, "How am I going to stick candles in a cookie cake?"  EXTRA frosting!!!!  Put dots of frosting to stand up candles, worked amazing.
He came home from school and his reaction to the cookie cake made it all worth it!
***Little Tip***
Eat with Ice Cream!!! Delicious!!!

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