Friday, May 3, 2013

Baseball Wall

My oldest is going to be 13 soon...sniff, sniff.  I wanted to do something really cool with his room.  He is a sports nut!  He watches ESPN instead of Austin and Ally.  He knows every sports player, their positions, who they play for, it is crazy, just wish he would retain school like that!  His all time favorite sport is baseball, so I knew I had to do something.
My inspiration for this wall came from Pinterest of course...totally addicted.  Simply Mom, gives the most amazing tutorial.
Riley's room is on the curve of our stairwell so it is hard to do clean lines.  We decided to do a 3 tone room.  His ceiling is over 10 feet and in 1 section it goes over 13 feet.  I wanted to do all the painting myself, but because I am the "Queen of Unfinished Projects"...I have a shirt and a koozie to prove it...Dave made me hire someone.  The colors we used were from Sherwin Williams: (Lower half of wall) Naval SW 6244, (Upper half of wall) Stop SW 6869 and (Ceiling and curved wall)Navajo White SW 6126
 Now that the walls were painted, it was my turn to be crafty.
 I used a beige paint that I had left over for the seams.  I tried drawing lightly with a pencil, but when I stood back I could not see it.  So I painted over those pencil lines...and then repainted where there were no pencil lines.
 This is it after touching up with the white...except in the top left corner :)
After 1st coat of everything...thought I was done...nope!
I used Craftsmart Holiday Red Acrylic paint from Michaels.  Bought it on clearance after Christmas for $.25 a bottle.   I measured the top of the stitches at 3 inches.  I used a makeup wedge to paint the first coat of the stitches, worked like a charm. I then used a shader paint brush that was the same width as the makeup wedge to do my second coat.  I was not going to do "holes", but it finished off the look.  I used the same beige as the seams.

See the curve in the wall?
This is the finished project.  Riley loves it, I love it and Dave said I did an "amazing" job!  As you can see it is not perfect and from this picture it looks really curvy, but it is not that curvy!  I did it myself and I am so pleased with the way it turned out!
Little tip on this project, do it when kids are not around!!!!! It is not a weekend warrior job. You need to have patience to walk away and come back to it. Do not beat yourself up if it is not perfect. Only you are looking for the imperfections, the finished project will be amazing!

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