Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dry Erase Organizer

 Dave and I attended a YoungLife Fundraiser a few months back.  We began talking with a couple at our table and found out they have 4 boys from 6th grade to Senior.  I asked her how she does it, I had a problem with 3.  She told me about this idea. 
I purchased this Dry Erase board at Hobby Lobby and used my coupon, cost me $6.  They had much nicer ones, but I wanted something that I could move around easy. 
On Monday night I look at the boys homework for the week and write everything down.
I have what is needed, color coded.  I was going to use colored vinyl, but I didn't have it. 
The black tape I bought at Office Depot.  It was about $1.80 a package, I used 2 different sizes. 
The vinyl I cut on my Cricut using Micky Font Cartridge.  I love that cartridge.
Finished product...this week is actually very slow for us :)
I keep this on our kitchen window seat.  The boys and I can look at it easily to see what they have going on for the week.  I have been doing this a couple of months now and it works amazing.
When we have company over, I pick it up and stash it in my laundry room.

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